Rolling Stone: Jeff Jarrett’s Grand Plan for Global Force Wrestling
June 18, 2015
GFW Staff (429 articles)

Rolling Stone: Jeff Jarrett’s Grand Plan for Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett was interviewed by Aaron Oster for Jarrett discussed the Grand Slam Tour, what makes GFW different from other wrestling promotions, his departure from TNA Wrestling, and much more.

Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

So I might as well ask the biggest question right off the bat: “What is Global Force Wrestling?”
It is a professional wrestling organization that we’d like to think will be forward-thinking and innovative. We have formed alliances with other promotions around the world so we can share talent and bring in talent. Every wrestler has a story. They’ve started in some organization. Over the past 15 years, all the organizations have sort of sat on an island. They don’t interact at all. We look at it differently. We want other organizations to thrive. We want them to do as well as they can. It’s a win-win for wrestling if that’s the case. Thirty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for different promotions to share talent. You would load up a big card with wrestlers from other territories. It is a professional wrestling organization, first and foremost.

Given how much wrestling is on TV now – WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground – what is going to set GFW apart from the pack?
The short answer is watch and see. I will say, though, that we want to truly focus on who these athletes are. The Bullet Club is legitimately the hottest faction in all of wrestling, and we’ll talk about how they’ve come up through New Japan and continued to grow in popularity. Karl Anderson has a great story behind him, so does Doc Gallows, he’s traveled the world. Chris Mordetzky [formerly Chris Masters] is one of the youngest guys ever signed by the WWE. Quite frankly, he’ll probably admit it; he wasn’t ready for it at the time. Now he’s spent three or four years overseas, and he’s ready to step into a Global Force ring and compete. PJ Black [Justin Gabriel], Lei’D Tapa, some wrestlers that maybe people haven’t heard of. Guys like Andrew Everett and Chuck Taylor, I could go on and on. All these guys are chomping at the bit to get on this bigger stage.

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