Newsweek: Jeff Jarrett and The Resurrection of Impact Wrestling
March 24, 2017
GFW Staff (429 articles)

Newsweek: Jeff Jarrett and The Resurrection of Impact Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett is everywhere these days as he recently spoke with Newsweek about his new relationship with Anthem Sports & Entertainment, his return to Impact Wrestling, the company he created in 2002, and the plan to “Make Impact Great.”

“From the very first meeting I had with them, it was very apparent to me how sound business-wise and structurally [they were] and where they wanted to go with things aligned with my thoughts,” Jarrett told Newsweek regarding his new relationship with Anthem. “It was a pretty quick realization that we should work together.”

Jarrett is looking to turn Impact Wrestling’s fortunes around. In the February 2017 Newsweek interview, he touched upon the struggles that the company had under the old regime. “It was a black-eye on the industry,” says Jarrett. “It wasn’t fruitful for anyone—whether you’re a fan of, a wrestler, an employee. It was a really ugly, unfortunate situation. It wasn’t good for the industry.”

Now, Anthem looks to Jarrett to take Impact to the next level. He began as a consultant for Anthem but, in just a few weeks, he now has a prominent role with Impact Wrestling under the Anthem umbrella and he is traveling all over the world to establish relationships with other companies. Part of the plan is to work with stars from other promotions and turn Impact into a true global powerhouse. Jarrett said, “WWE is the leader of the marketplace. But it’s only in the last three months did they start recognizing other wrestling promotions. For years I’ve been saying that.”

Impact has already formed relationships with Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan, The Crash and AAA promotions in Mexico and they’ve announced a TV deal on Spike TV in the United Kingdom. Jarrett is looking to bring Impact back from near-death and, so far, things seem to be on the upswing for the company.

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