FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GFW AMPED returns to Las Vegas in October – tickets now available Las Vegas – Global Force Wrestling returns to Las Vegas on October 23rd for another action-packed GFW Amped TV taping. We are happy to announce

We recently had a chance to catch up with former WCW/WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash. Nash gives his thoughts on Global Force Wrestling and the use of talent from around the world on GFW shows. Nash and GFW co-founder

Global Force Wrestling had the chance to catch up with Colt Cabana to get his thoughts on the state of professional wrestling, his thoughts on Global Force Wrestling, his thoughts on Jeff Jarrett as a promoter and much more. Check

Global Force Wrestling, the San Antonio Missions and the Round Rock Express have decided to postpone the GFW Grand Slam Tour events scheduled for later this month in Texas. Due to multiple conflicts in scheduling plus announcements that will be

Next week on Impact Wrestling, the war between GFW and TNA heats up as The Wolves try to reclaim the TNA tag team titles from Trevor Lee and Brian Myers. Also, Drew Galloway takes on Chris Mordetzky to determine which

Global Force Wrestling founders Jeff and Karen Jarrett and members of the GFW roster kicked off this week’s edition of IMPACT WRESTLING. Jeff Jarrett declared a hostile takeover and he said that he’s in the process of building another wrestling

The Global Force Wrestling crew caught up with GFW co-founder Karen Jarrett on Tuesday to get comments about the hostile takeover on IMPACT WRESTLING. Karen tells us, “we’re taking back what belongs to my husband Jeff Jarrett.” Jarrett tells us

Tonight, watch Global Force Wrestling take over Impact Wrestling on Destination America and receive 20% off this GFW t-shirt during the show! Just click here and use the code #GFWTakeover when you order!

Jeff Jarrett has issued a statement regarding the events that took place last week on Impact Wrestling. Jarrett said, “Last Wednesday night, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we’re just getting things going. You tune in this Wednesday, Destination

Global Force Wrestling Amped tickets are on sale now at the box office in Las Vegas or at The athletes of Global Force Wrestling are headed back to Las Vegas on October 23rd for another TV taping and you

Thanks to everyone that came out to see us on Saturday in Richmond. Here are some highlights, courtesy of Title Match Wrestling. FOLLOW Title Match Wrestling: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: WEBSITE: To find out when the #GFWGrandSlamTour

We’ve updated our photo galleries with new photos of last week’s GFW Amped TV taping in Las Vegas! If you haven’t been to a GFW event then click here to check out a list of cities where GFW is headed!

Former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash is headed to Harrisburg, PA and Richmond, VA this weekend as part of the #GFWGrandSlamTour! Plus, see the athletes of Global Force Wrestling live and in person! There will be a

This week on Impact Wrestling, Bobby Roode defeated James Storm, Ken Anderson, and Lashley to win the the King Of The Mountain match and earn the right to face PJ Black on next week’s Impact Wrestling. Also, at the end

Tonight on Impact…four men are gunning to compete for PJ Black’s King of the Mountain championship. Tonight it’s Bobby Roode vs. Ken Anderson vs. Bobby Lashley vs. James Storm. Tune in tonight to see who advances to face PJ Black!