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GFW Press Release #1

This is the first official press release regarding the launch of Global Force Wrestling!    

Video: #JoinTheForce

After months of rumors and speculation, it’s time to tell you what’s coming!  Get ready for Global Force Wrestling!

The final #ItsComing video before the big announcement…

#ItsComing video number 3!  Karen Jarrett wants to know, “Did You Miss Me?!?”

#ItsComing video #2.  Jeff & Karen Jarrett speak about the change in their lives and the change that they are ready to bring to wrestling!

The first #ItsComing video.  Jeff Jarrett broke his silence…

Join The Force

After months of rumors and speculation, it is now official, Global Force Wrestling is born! Now YOU can #JoinTheForce! Global Force Wrestling on Twitter Global Force Wrestling on Facebook Global Force Wrestling on YouTube Global Force Wrestling on Instagram  

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The first official 8×10’s from Global Force Wrestling, featuring the founders, Jeff & Karen Jarrett! Click here to view our store!