June 11, 2015
GFW Staff (429 articles)


The ring is being assembled … the ropes are tightened. The boots are being laced … the wrists are being taped.

The stadium doors are set to open. Fans will file in, some already in the gear of wrestling’s newest promotion and some no doubt sporting “Bullet Club” T-shirts. The lines at the concession stands will be two and three deep.

The show is about to begin, really begin. The first-ever Global Force Wrestling show will take place on Friday night at the Ballpark in Jackson, Tennessee as part of GFW’s Grand Slam Tour. The Jeff Jarrett promotion is barnstorming ballparks around the country, from Tennessee to Texas, Iowa to Pennsylvania.

The questions that have been asked from day one will begin to be answered. What will Global Force Wrestling look like in the ring? Fans will finally get to see with their own eyes what this is all about. And what they will see is a convergence of styles and talent from around the world, all meeting in the one place where all issues should be settled — the ring.

Wrestlers who have been in WWE, New Japan, Ring of Honor, TNA, Shimmer, Chikara, Evolve, and many other independent wrestling promotions from around the world will gather under the GFW banner. Who will participate at the first TV tapings in Las Vegas on July 24?  The GFW Grand Slam Tour will be the first hint as these wrestlers compete to become the future stars of GFW.

There are stars who were on top of the wrestling world and are eager to make it back, and some who came close but never got the right opportunities. There are wrestlers who see themselves as the next phenomenon in this business but have lacked a platform to show the world.  There are legends who have done it all, and are now ready to pass the spotlight onto the next generation of talents.  And then there are those who are riding on top of the wrestling world right now and are eager to stay there and become the legends of tomorrow.

Everyone who steps into the GFW ring is looking to prove something.

Here are some of the things fans will see in the first leg of the GFW Grand Slam Tour:

  • The Bullet Club (Jackson, Knoxville, Pearl, Bowling Green). While they’ve made occasional appearances throughout the States, GFW is where it will all happen for the BC. Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, the Bullet Babe and the Young Bucks headlining the Grand Slam Tour is what they would refer to as “phase one” of them marking GFW as Bullet Club territory.
  • Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris “The Adonis” Mordetzky (Pearl and Bowling Green). Here are perfect examples of accomplished superstars still in their physical prime who moved on to international competition in recent years. Jarrett is giving them the platform in GFW to display their abilities to their fullest.
  • PJ Black & Andrew Everett (Pearl and Bowling Green). Black has dazzled fans around the world in 2015, and for the first time ever will team with the incredibly exciting and innovative young Everett, who has competed for such promotions as ROH and Evolve and is one of the premiere high flyers in today’s wrestling scene.
  • Thea Trinidad vs. Lei’D Tapa (Jackson, Knoxville, Pearl, Bowling Green). Trinidad, one of the brightest stars on the horizon and a true role model for young girls everywhere, will be dwarfed by her opponent, Tapa. The “Titan from Tonga” will unleash her savagery on Trinidad, who will need all of her skill and speed to emerge the victor in this series.
  • Chuck Taylor (Jackson, Knoxville, Pearl, Bowling Green). “The Kentucky Gentleman” is one of the most entertaining and unique talents anywhere. Witness his brand of humor on the Grand Slam Tour. On the Tennessee tour stops he even will be joined by his “Best Friend” Trent Barretta.
  • Jim Cornette (Jackson, Knoxville, and Bowling Green). One of the greatest wrestling managers of all time, Cornette will be there to help kick off GFW in his own backyard. But the “Louisville Lip” won’t just be there to sign autographs. If there is a wrestling ring in range, odds are someone will feel the wrath of his silver tongue or his iconic tennis racket.
  • The Young Bucks vs. Black & Everett (Bowling Green). Who some deem the hottest tag team in all of wrestling, Nick & Matt Jackson will take on Black and Everett in a dream match. This one should light up the Western Kentucky sky.
  • Jamin Olivencia (Jackson and Knoxville).  Olivencia is a definite future star and alumnus of OVW, which was “NXT” before NXT, the same place that produced much of WWE’s top current talent.
  • Moose vs. Kongo Kong (Knoxville). Witness a battle that could split the Smoky Mountains, as former NFL lineman Moose, at 6 feet 5 and 290 pounds, collides with the 6-8, 400-pound mysterious monster known as Kongo Kong.
  • “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner (Pearl). The man who was one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time and one of the most memorable singles stars of the past 20 years will bring his mean streak to the GFW Grand Slam tour.
  • Sonjay Dutt (Jackson, Knoxville, Pearl, Bowling Green). This former TNA X-Division icon is looking to establish himself as a force for GFW and take his career to the next level, taking on Jimmy Rave, Olivencia, Jigsaw and the unique Jason Kincaid on Grand Slam Tour.
  • Jigsaw (Pearl and Bowling Green). This masked enigmatic high flyer known throughout the underground wrestling scene, makes his GFW debut this month!

With tickets at every stop on the Grand Slam Tour selling for as little as $10, don’t miss these historic first events. They promise hard-hitting action and a night of fun and excitement for the whole family.

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