The Tennessean has joins the list of mainstream media outlets covering Global Force Wrestling. They spoke to Jeff Jarrett about the launch of GFW, the next wrestling boom, and Jarrett’s storied history in professional wrestling. Click here to read the

 Thanks to the Miami Herald for picking up the news on Global Force Wrestling! Read there coverage here!


Global Force Wrestling mourns the loss of Warrior. He was trailblazer, a legend, and a hero to fans both young and old. His charisma was undeniable and unmistakable. He influenced the lives and careers of people all over the world.

  Jeff & Karen Jarrett are traveling the world scouting talent and talking with wrestling fans.  #JoinTheForce

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Be among the first to get official GFW t-shirts, just like this one worn by Jeff Jarrett! Check out the GFW Store! got to the Global Force Wrestling story first.  Here’s their coverage: Story

The response to Global Force Wrestling has been overwhelming! Here’s some of the recent media coverage:!C5xO5 In Germany: In Spain:

GFW Press Release #1

This is the first official press release regarding the launch of Global Force Wrestling!    

Video: #JoinTheForce

After months of rumors and speculation, it’s time to tell you what’s coming!  Get ready for Global Force Wrestling!

The final #ItsComing video before the big announcement…

#ItsComing video number 3!  Karen Jarrett wants to know, “Did You Miss Me?!?”

#ItsComing video #2.  Jeff & Karen Jarrett speak about the change in their lives and the change that they are ready to bring to wrestling!

The first #ItsComing video.  Jeff Jarrett broke his silence…