In this edition of “Sound off with Chael Sonnen,” Chael talks about the choice to do GFW’s first TV tapings in The Orleans in Las Vegas.

In the latest edition of “Sound off with Chael Sonnen,” Chael talks about having an interest in wrestling his whole life. Some fans might be surprised to find out that Chael trained at the WCW Power Plant in the late

In the latest “Sound off with Chael Sonnen,” Chael talks about how Jim Ross made it possible for him to connect with Jeff Jarrett and get involved with Global Force Wrestling.

In part two of “Sound of with Chael Sonnen,” Chael discuesses the similarities and differences between the Jarretts and the McMahons.

Global Force Wrestling presents the first in a series of videos with Chael Sonnen. In the video below, Chael discusses his involvement Global Force Wrestling and his initial conversation with GFW founder Jeff Jarrett.

Las Vegas! Get ready!

What’s next from Global Force Wrestling in 2015? GFW President Jeff Jarrett speaks out.

Here are the top nine reasons why the first wrestling PPV of 2015, Wrestle Kingdom 9, will be the best PPV of 2015. We’ll count down from 9 to 1. 9. The Crowd. First off, it will be sizable. Secondly,