October 19, 2018
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The Legacy Of The NWA – Chapter Five: Jazz’s Legacy And The NWA Women’s Title

Jazz’s Legacy and the NWA Women’s Title are on the Line at #NWA70

Holding a title in wrestling for a year is something few competitors will ever attain. Any wrestler would be proud of that accolade. Carrying a championship for two years? Now you’re starting to enter the rarified air of a legend.

Meet the NWA Women’s Champion, Jazz.

With the belt in hand for the last two years, Jazz, also a former two-time WWF/WWE Women’s Champion, has helped elevate the NWA title to a status it hasn’t enjoyed before. Now, she has been tasked with defending it against up-and-coming star Penelope Ford at #NWA70 on October 21st in Nashville. It’s the classic battle between the young upstart looking to take the place of the established star. But there’s so much more to this story.

A star college basketball player, Jazz began her wrestling career after dropping out of school in 1999. Inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline, Jazz started her training. Ironically, in what had to have been an honor, her first professional match came against her idol. Later that year, she joined the legendary ECW promotion, becoming part of the Impact Players with Justin Credible, Lance Storm, and Jason Knight. After ECW folded, Jazz would eventually join the WWF’s women’s roster in 2001.

After entering into a feud with then-women’s champ Trish Stratus, Jazz captured the WWF Women’s Championship in February of 2002, She followed that up with a successful defense of the belt against Stratus and Lita in a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania X8. Through various feuds over the next couple of years, she further established herself as a top star in the women’s division. Jazz held the belt one more time before leaving the promotion in late 2004. She would have one more stint with the promotion before returning to the independent circuit.

Penelope Ford was only seven years old when Jazz began her wrestling career. She debuted in 2014, and has worked in promotions across the U.S. since that time, taking on both women and men. In 2016, Ford challenged for the NWA Women’s Championship, but came up short. At last month’s “All In” event, she interfered in the barnburner of a match between Joey Janela, who she was seconding, and “Hangman” Page. Ford stole the show when she outwitted Page, ducking three clotheslines in astounding fashion before landing a massive Stunner on the big Bullet Club member. She then splashed “Hangman” from the top turnbuckle all the way to the floor, setting him up on a table for Janela to put him through with an elbow.

Ford’s “All In” performance, along with her credibility and recent wins, have opened the door for another shot at the NWA women’s title. With the momentum she’s riding, she will be primed and ready to take the strap.

Except it’s the legendary Jazz standing in her way. Working for the sheriff’s department, she puts in long hours, while also raising her twin daughters with her husband, former WWE wrestler Rodney Mack. Jazz also helps run their gym and wrestling school. Despite everything else she is involved with, in her mind, Jazz’s legacy will always be tied to the NWA women’s title. As the champ put it in a recent episode of “Ten Pounds of Gold,” “You better tell my opponent she better have her [stuff] together, because I’m not laying down for nobody. I’m here to stay.”

Will Jazz’s two-year reign come to an end in Nashville? Or will the champ further cement her status as one of the all-time greats? Regardless, this highly-anticipated encounter is sure to bring the #NWA70 crowd to its feet, and perhaps even steal the show. Jazz and Ford plan to bring it…to the crowd, and to each other. The match is going to be intense, physical, and likely career-altering for both competitors.

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