August 14, 2014
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Jeff Jarrett Joins The Bullet Club And Shocks New Japan Pro Wrestling

Aug. 14, 2014



NASHVILLE – Global Force Wrestling’s Jeff Jarrett shocked wrestling fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling this past Sunday at the Seibu Dome in Saitama, Japan.

Jarrett was invited to the grand finals of the event by NJPW’s chairman, Naoki Sugabayashi, as a way to solidify the global partnership between NJPW and GFW.

Early in the evening Jarrett and Scott D’Amore were introduced to the crowd and signed an official agreement with NJPW.

What happened later that evening sent shockwaves through the Seibu Dome and everyone watching on iPPV! New Japan’s most dominant faction, The Bullet Club, had attacked NJPW superstar, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Jeff Jarrett & Scott D’Amore, in suit & tie, approached the ring and ran off The Bullet Club to the delight of the 20,000 plus in attendance.

D’Amore then opened Jarrett’s guitar case and handed Jarrett his trademark guitar. Jarrett spun the guitar around, revealing the Bullet Club logo on it, and shattered the guitar over the head of Tanahashi.

Jarrett then celebrated with the members of the Bullet Club in front of a shocked crowd.

The Bullet Club now consists of: GFW Owner & President – Jeff Jarrett; IWGP Heavyweight Champion – AJ Styles; IWGP Tag Team Champions – Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson; InterContinental Champion – Bad Luck Fale; NEVER Open Weight Class Champion – Yujiro Takahashi; Tama Tonga; and The Young Bucks – Matt & Nick Jackson.

Why did Jeff Jarrett join the Bullet Club? How does this affect the partnership between NJPW and GFW?

We are currently awaiting statements from Jarrett and officials with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Video of the event is currently en route to the GFW offices and will be posted upon its arrival.

Stay tuned for the latest on this story with global implications.


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